PHP Introduction - What is Php?


PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor ,The Dynamic web page tool which developed by "Rasmus Ledorf", during the year 1994. While release it named as Personal Home Page Tools. The Easiest way of creating the web page, this tools reached the developer, Its structure and methods attracts the developer to create the dynamic web pages with easiest way.
PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor , The language in the trend, the language to make the dynamic web pages, the language with simple way of understanding  and powerful concept to build. The Open Source Language which is trend in the 20th century for creating fast and dynamic web pages. This the Server Side Scripting Language, with a powerful tool for creating web pages. The Application can be also can create using the PHP.
Nowadays the most websites are launched in the platform of PHP, because of its dynamic and support to the user. Simple coding structure with powerful technologies.
  • Php is a Server Side Scripting Language. 
  • It is powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages
  • It is an Open Source Software.
  • It supports databases like MySQL , Informix, Oacle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, etc. 
  • Php runs on different platform such us Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. 
  • It Compatible with almost all servers used today like Apache, IIS, etc. 

PHP - Released

Version Year Features
PHP 1 1995 Named as Personal Home Page Tools(PHP Tools)
PHP 2 1997 Fastest and Simplest tool for Creating Dynamic web pages
PHP 3 1998 Functionalities added
PHP 4 2000 Intoduced Super Globals, Zend Engine added for code optimization, Introduced Command line Interface for CGI.
PHP 5 2004 Object Oriened, Error Handling, XML, Zend Engine II with a new object model
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